Note 10 force closing app during installation

While attempting to setup a Wyze Pan and Wyze Cam, I have been unable to successfully open the Wyze app on my Note 10. Each time I attempt to open the app, it force closes.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times with no joy. Has anyone had a similar issue and if so, how was it resolved?

We’d really like to use our new cams!

Hello @laylaloudg and welcome to the community.

I have not run into an issue like this yet. I would recommend contacting support

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I’ve found that uninstalling this app just doesn’t really clear out all the leftover “bits.” At least with my Note 9, if I uninstall the app curiously it never asked me to log in after i reinstall it. It just opens as if I never removed it.

I have found that if I clear data (and cache by default) it forces the app to initialize, and even sends me a 2FA. So that would be my recommendation - wipe data, and then try to open the app.

Can’t hurt…

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