Anyone having major issues with new firmware?

I have a Wyze Pan camera that I’ve never had any real issues with. I had it off for about a month due to being at home but with my return to work I launched the app again and upgraded the firmware to the recent

With this update I have run into countless issues…
My live feeds constantly freeze and tries to reconnect 3 times until it just gives up and gives me the refresh button.
Not to mention the most aggravating issue of not being able to use my playback feature at all. If I press playback at all it’ll immediately go to the reconnect screen and wont let me view any of my footage. Sometimes if I shut the app down and retry it, it’ll tell me there is no SD card installed which there is, and Ill have to go back into the settings and turn on my SD local recording again… just to be unable to view my footage once again.

Is this a firmware problem and are the devs aware of it?
Ive never had any of these issues before and It’s starting to get extremely annoying not being able to use my camera or view my footages.

I first thought it was the firmware, but I now believe that the app is the major culprit, although the f/w may play a part too. Are you using iOS app?

I’m on Android. Have reverted back from latest firmware on my pancam because it caused all sorts of issues.

You would think that the dev’s would post a banner or something, if it is indeed the problem. I guess it’s difficult for any of us to admit we’ve got a problem.

I am on android and have checked to make sure the app was up to date.

How did you revert back the firmware?

Cannot turn off bulb after firmware update. Wyze app shows OFF next to the bulb but when I looked at the Wyze cam the light is on. I turned ON the bulb (even though physically it is on already) and went into the setting for the bulb to play around with the brightness and soft white sliding bars but when I clicked Back to get out of the settings screen the bulb is listed as OFF again but physically it is still on. Also I changed the power recovery setting from Turning On to Maintain Previous State but when I went back into the setting it defaulted back to Turning On.

And yes how do you revert back to before the firmware update?

There is currently a server issue.