Not recognize installed MicroSD card!

Hi Good Mornig.

I set up my first camera in our house and I have a problem with the microsd does not recognize it. When I try to playback what was recorded, I get a message on the app that says “no micro sd card installed in camera”. I have a SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC UHS-I installed. I have tried with three different memoriesWhat am I not doing?
I have already made the following:
restarted the app
re-installed the app and cams
factory restored the cams
re-flashed the firmware
Nothing made a difference.

See this: 3 new cams, SD's not recognised on all 3 - #21 by None

There have been a batch of cams with issues. Put in a support ticket.

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The good of these support forums is that problems like these get caught early, and they can act quickly.
Kind off feel bad for them an inexpensive product like this does not leave much room to deal with the costs of replacing them…
I love these camera’s so easy to setup and so much value for your $$

I’d be asking the company who produces the hardware why their quality control missed something so obvious.