Micro Sd either unrecognizable or not recording at all

Recently, I’ve been having issue with keeping my camera continuously recording. I would go to check the playback and it would say there is nothing there. I would then go to check to see if my micro sd is being recognized and it would say it would be. After doing this, I would just format and lose all the previous events. After doing so, the micro sd would not be recognized. I had a sandisk 32gb installed that worked for at least two years. I figured maybe it was a bad sd and I went and bought another one. The camera recorded for about a week and recently quit recording again. My camera currently will not recognize I have a micro sd installed.

The camera will now not recognize it after:
Turning off the camera
Restarting the camera
Removing the sd card (Inserting the card and leaving it for a couple of minutes)
Unplugging the camera
Completely wiping the camera and starting from scratch

I feel this is a hardware issue, but I’m uncertain as to why? The device has little to no wear and is not in a dirty area that it would have accumulated dirt or debris to ruin the inner workings.

The camera gets connection just fine, so it’s definitely not a wifi issue

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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What San disk cards are you using. I know they’ve been working but can never rule that out. I don’t know how many times I’ve done a troubleshoot on a home theater and it’s a cable. And I’m like I’ve used those cables in this system for years. Why now won’t they work?

Well I’ve tried a Samsung disk as well and the same problem continued to occur. The Sandisks was a 32 gb, class 10. Then the Samsung that is in there now is a 128gb class 10.

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I’m not confident Wyze accepts SDXC (?)

Because SDXC uses a different file system called exFAT and it works differently than standard SD cards, this new format is NOT backwards compatible with host devices that only take SD (128MB to 2GB) or host devices that only take SDHC (4GB to 32GB). Most host devices built after 2010 should be SDXC compatible.

To ensure compatibility, look for the SDXC logo on cards and host devices (cameras, camcorders, etc.)

EDIT: found this on Wyze site

*The best option a microSD card with a great warranty is to purchase a card through Wyze. Click here to buy a 32GB Class 10 microSD card. If you want to use a different card, Wyze Cam supports Class 10 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB microSD cards in FAT32 format. *

The card must be formatted to FAT32.

Advanced Note: The camera will recognize larger cards (64GB+) that use exFAT, but these cards are less stable and are more likely to experience issues in the long run. While there are ways to force larger cards onto the FAT32 format, they are less likely to be recognized by the camera and may corrupt your data.