Not living in the same state w/ a replaced PanCam issue

I have two of the square cams and 1 pan cam I hooked up at my elderly moms on my last visit because I live 3,000 miles away which is really hard. The cameras have soothed my heart, for now, and calmed my mind. I am SO thankful to Wyze! Once I got home the Pan Cam made a horrible noise when I attempted to listen and the talk-back to sooth my mom was basically unable to work at that point. I had many friends go to moms and perform all the trouble-shooting but in the end Wyze were great and mailed a new one to my moms. I shared the other three cameras with my business partner who’s like a son to my mom so he could test it all out once the new one replaced the broken one. It worked great, sound and all! HOWEVER, when I went onto the app the new camera didn’t show up! After hours of he and I troubleshooting, I realized the NEW camera was showing up with MY other cameras because I shared them with him but that didn’t mean they were now on MY account. The new camera was on an account he doesn’t even want. Once I realized this of course I had him “share” and then it was added to my list of “devices” - but NOW I have one camera (with the only SD card) without me as the owner. Obviously I want to release my partner from having to keep this strange-to-him app on his phone and although I completely trust him, he doesn’t need a camera seeing my mom. I unshared the other cameras within this troubleshooting and am now left with being 3,000 miles away HOPING there is a way he can transfer ownership of the newest camera to me? I am not tech illiterate but by no means an expert but I imagined he’d hook the camera up on the same wifi and as long as he did it via my account on his wye app, it would simply be added to my account. Afraid not. I have been looking for an answer to THIS? And…so far have found ONE technical downside to NOT being the owner and that is accessing the SD cards footage! It has to be the account holder. So my second question is WHAT ELSE WILL I LOOSE THE ABILITY TO DO IF THERE IS NO SOLUTION FOR TRANSFERRING THE NEW CAMERA TO MY CURRENT ACCOUNT with my OTHER WYZE Cameras FROM 3,000 MILES AWAY (other than sending my iPhone to him via Fedex which is NOT an option for me)??? I imagine there has to be many others who monitor from afar permanantly, they have a camera break, its replaced FOR them because they can’t fly back - No? Or maybe there are but for security reasons I’ve not thought of this remains impossible to do? Not to overload any knowledgable readers but when my partner shut his notifications off MINE shut off too which leaves him having to get alerted every time my mother moves…HELP? I LOVE THE CAMERA’S and do not intend on sending them back but do I REALLY have to spend the money on a flight to connect this replacement camera to my account? Or I have to now ask my partner to deal with this AND change settings every time, and view the SD card footage?? (The other camera’s are not Pans/I need a Pan in the bedroom/ all cameras have to have motion detection ON so he’d still be bogged down by notifications regardless) Thank you so much for reading and any help you can offer with just those two questions is much appreciated! I need a DR HOUSE of techies back-door way in :slight_smile:


For them to be on your account as owner he would have to:

  1. Download WYZE app to his phone
  2. Log in with your username and password
  3. Set-up cam

If that is the way he did it you should be the owner and able to have full access, if he set it up using an account he created with shared access to your other cams, then yes his account would be the owner.

The only way I am aware of to fix it is to do the setup process again but under your account credentials.

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Wow! So all I have to do is GIVE him my user name and password and thats it? That over-rides the ownership initially synced with?

Yes, if they transfer the camera to your credentials (set it up again), and afterwards you change your password and turn on 2FA, then all should be good.

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Yes give him your username and password and have him go through the setup process again. Also as @Newshound stated I would then change your password after and turn on 2FA

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I’m sorry but what is 2FA?

2FA is “Two-factor authentication”, highly recommended on all Wyze accounts. Basically you have Wyze send a code to a device you trust when someone tries to logon using your credentials.

Account > your account at top of screen > Two-Factor Authentication.


Thank you both so much! What a relief! I will try this first thing!


Any more issues let us know, be glad to help

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One more thing you can do. Have the camera shipped to you. Set up an access point with the EXACT same SSID and password as the one at your Mom’s. Set up the camera using that WiFi and your phone. Ship the camera back and have the friend plug it in. You can remove or rename the temp WiFi access point at your place as it is no longer needed.
You could do the same thing with an additional camera (should you decide to add one). Have the order shipped to you. Set it up using that temp AP. Once set up, ship the camera across the country.


I am having similar problems. We also use the cameras (3 pancams) to check on our elderly mom…she has a bit of dementia and recently had a small stroke. She lives alone with her little dog and there are only a couple of neighbors near by. She doesn’t and we don’t want her to be in assisted living. It would kill her to lose her routines and home. :pensive:
I’m out of state and my sister and BIL are almost an hour away. They still go out to bring her things and check on her almost daily. We just want her to have her happy normal life as long as possible.
We set up the cams so that if she doesn’t answer our (almost hourly) calls they can KNOW if there is a problem and get out there right away. She wasn’t answering when she had the stroke and that’s why we got these cameras.
I mean…we would not NEED cameras if we were THERE to make constant adjustments.

So now one of the three pancams just stays on 3/3 and won’t connect. The other two are ok so far. It started yesterday afternoon.