Linking cams to account after wifi change


Just a quick question.

I had a pair of cam v2s and a pan cam linked to my wyze account. One day the ISP had to switch out the router, which meant everything was reset; passwords, ssid etc. Since I wasn’t home, I wasn’t able to reconnect them right away. So, the person that was home at the time tried to set them up on their account.

All they had to do was hit the reset button and follow the steps. Magic, now the three cameras are linked to their account and have been removed from mine. I’ve now lost access to view anything stored on the SD cards and any admin permissions.

What I’m wondering, is this actually all it takes to take over a camera? Just reset it, then bam the camera is yours?


Yep, that is correct. Once you get home, set them up again on your account and break their fingers (OK don’t really break their fingers). As I recall, once the camera is back on your account you will be able to see what is on the uSD card. If not, you can pull the card and read it on a computer.

Coincidentally someone in your home can also pull the hard disk from your computer, use your bathroom, try on your jewelry, eat your porridge, and sleep in your bed because it’s juuust right. :slight_smile:

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Okay, that’s all I was wondering, thank you for the reply!