Not interested

Johannes Vincentius Possum must of had a big Saturday dinner, he wasn’t even interested in the marshmallows. If he shows up before the :raccoon: :raccoon: gang he either eats them or hides them in the corner of the fence.

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Or he’s just spoiled now, or he’s sharing. :slight_smile:

OR, the Mrs. put him on a diet and he is showing remarkable restraint. :rofl:


She’d never know…

homer-simpson-the-simpsons looking-puppet 6SE5 fNGk5OA


She knows, smell of sugar on his breath, dusting on his collar, sticky hands… she knows, she always knows. :face_with_monocle:


@r.good that is excellent! :raised_hands:

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Do you have any pictures of raccoons? :grin: :raccoon: :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:

C’mon, it’s like a big matzah ball hanging there, everybody’s thought it. I LIKE the fact he serially posts varmints. I LIKE Antonius, the gruff ol’ bastard. :rofl:

You will notice however that he is statistically the LEAST ‘empathetic’ :heart: user on the board. Carver, you’re the statsmaster, back me up. :wink:

And he likes impugning other folks sanity image I could do with a little less of that… nah, that’s ok too…

If he was an enchilada I’d eat the whole thing!

:rofl: Marshmallow breath will get you caught every time.

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Someone does :upside_down_face:

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I think this :raccoon: should have dunked his marshmallow in the water bowl first, looks a little sticky :laughing: (Yes he got the second marshmallow also)

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