Trash panda eating my bird seed

I fill this up and it’s empty in a day.

I turn on the light and it runs away but comes back in a few minutes.

A trap has been set. :sunglasses:


One of you guyz needs to get a shot of the ‘whiskers-on-their-fingers’ at work. You’ve got the focus ring chops so you’re it. :grin:

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Well if you would feed it decent snacks like marshmallows or dry cat food it wouldn’t snack on the bird feeder. They also like dry dog food, and don’t forget the fresh water daily for drinking and paw washing :rofl:.

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Obviously you have not had them get in your trash cans and defecate on your patio.

Will the ants eat all the peanut butter and bread before the TP visits tomorrow morning?

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They can not open the trash containers I have and they always leave their “Land Mines” in the same remote corner of the back yard. I just throw it over the fence in the neighbors yard since they are the ones that have the dry dog food outside. I just provide them with a paw wash and drinking station. The possums have been stealing all the marshmallows before the raccoons show up. :grin:

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I have some trash panda vids to share, will upload them to a new thread ina bit

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I had a couple of Rocket Raccoons go running through my yard the other night.


I guess I’m going to the park tomorrow


According to the Official Royal Register of Regional Raccoon Residencies that poor creature lived there on that land before you. So since you are the trespasser, pack your belongings and you move to the park. :raccoon:

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The raccoon is older than me? :sunglasses:

I am not killing the raccoon. Just moving it to a place more suitable for it.

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Let me see the deed for your house/land. Did you purchase it from a Raccoon Realtor Authorized by the caged victim or it’s ancestors? Does it have the official stamp? What is more suitable than a place with free trash and a full birdfeeder?


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Sending this link to the Unified Raccoon Union:

That trap was either not set correctly or there is a problem with one or both of the latches. There is no means of escape with my trap.

This green latch must be lifted first. It can only be lifted from outside the cage.

Once this is lifted, another piece has to be moved from outside the trap. This lets the door swing up from the bottom. It is the inverted V shaped wire.

If the raccoon tries to get a leg under the flap, it will not move because the inverted V hits the top of the cage.

I checked with the local Critter Control Raccoon Rescue and Relocation about the deed. If the raccoon’s name is on the deed, I must surrender the property and leave the trash cans open.

Today is Sunday, and the deed is in a safe deposit box at a bank that is closed.

We might not have relocated the raccoon far enough away. They apparently will travel up to 10 miles to get home. We might have gone 5 miles. Should have put a collar on it. :crazy_face:

Oh, and all those sunflower seeds it ate wound up on my driveway after they were digested. The raccoon really stunk up the RAV4. Missus had to roll all the windows down.

Good guy/girl :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

As I previously stated on the forum someplace I paid hundreds of dollars to get raccoons out from the crawl space under my house because it is illegal to trap them here without a license. If it ever happens again I will take my chances with the law, they did not “release” the raccoons which pi$$ed me off.

Don’t forget to buy more bird seed for the convict’s return and homecoming party. :grin:


Where I live, I can kill them but not trap and release. They are a fur bearing animal like a squirrel.

I would much rather be moved than killed. But apparently now that my raccoon in in unfamiliar territory it doesn’t know where food is, and the other raccoons will drive it away leading to starvation.

Should have gotten the convict a first class ticket to Manhattan, NYC, garbage is easy to find but it would then have to deal with the Rat Union. The information you posted is the same thing I read in this County and California Law about why you can’t trap release. I would give it a chance anyway.

Exactly what I am doing. As long as the raccoon doesn’t snitch I am ok

About 5 years ago a raccoon got in the trap and I found it the next morning before I went to work. I didn’t want to leave it outside in the heat, so I put the raccoon and the cage in my trunk and took it to work. Let it go in the parking lot across the street and didn’t tell anyone.

A few days later my boss sends me a picture of a raccoon in our dumpster. :roll_eyes:. Can’t be the same one. But in the 40 years I worked there we never had a raccoon in the dumpster. Had to have been my raccoon. It couldn’t get out so they made a ramp and left it alone. Next morning no raccoon.

I played stupid and said something like raccoons are all over.

When I retired in August I fessed up. Everyone thought it was funny.

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After live trapping 35 raccoons, 25 opossums and driving them 25 miles to release in a conservation reserve for 8 years. I just take down the birdfeeder every day. Just seemed to make more sense. Now none of those creatures come around anymore. I win!!!

…tik tok, kyguy :wink:

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Ok - sound logic, but by extension, exactly where are humans to live, not as interlopers?