Marshmallow Take Out

Raccoons didn’t get any of the Marshmallows, to late.


Do the kitties like Marshmellows? I have one cat that would eat them, but probably not the others unless they were desperate.

It does seem like a perfect snack to give Petronella (sp?) and the burglars though with little risk of the others stealing it since they’re both scavengers. Wish she would’ve eaten it on camera though. :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, that looks like 2 different 'possums…the first one looked smaller and scragglier.

The cats don’t eat the marshmallows but the Raccoons will if the Possums don’t get them first. I haven’t seen Petronella in a while, the big one on the video is Dieudonneé and the smaller one is Johannes Vincentius one of Petronella’s kids, he comes by about six times a night. The cat with the stolen raccoon tail camped out by the water bowl for an extended period again last night, about 35 event videos worth. :flushed: But that same cat got a shower today, I was washing my deck with the hose and didn’t know it was under the deck, came out like a :rocket:. :rofl: