Not able to get hot air with Wyze Thermostat and Carrier ICS system


I replaced our Carrier Programmable Thermidstat controller with Wyze thermostat on Carrier Infinity ICS HVAC system. I am not able to get hot air at all. The wiring pic of old system

is attached here. I have tried the ‘hot cold swap’ option in the Wyze app and it still not blowing hot air.

Any help?


The new wiring with Wyze thermostat is shown below for reference.

This is not a heat pump.
That is not an O/B wire it is a W2 wire

Your wires are, from left to right:

Reset your wyze by holding down the button and delete and re-add it to your wyze account in order to tell wyze that you have a 2 stage gas furnace and an air conditioner.

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Thank you. Let me try and get back.

Thanks. It is working now.

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