Not able to connect outdoor cam from wyze sense hub

I am trying to connect Wyze Outdoor cam to Wyze Sense hub but I do not get the wifi_bind_xxx in my wifi selection. I tried resetting after disconnecting from ethernet and then re adding all the sensors etc, already tried 5 times different options. So something is missing or there’s a bug here.

First, welcome to the community.

You cannot connect Cameras to the Wyze sense hub, the Wyze sense hub is for sensors only.

You need a WCO “Base Station” which is totally different and separate from the Wyze sense hub.

It’s no bug, you’re just trying to connect the Wyze Outdoor Camera to something it was not designed to connect to.


Since you have the Wyze Sense Hub, I will assume you have the HMS Subscription as well.

As @carverofchoice has indicated, the WCO has a base station that works with it. Once you get your WCO w\ Base Station installed to the Wyze App and working, along with any other cams you are installing, you can then use the Monitoring tab (provided you have the HMS Subscription)>Home Monitoring Settings>Security Cameras to add up to 5 of your already installed cams to the Monitoring tab.

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