Connecting Wyze cam outdoor

Hi - I bought an outdoor cam that came with a hub . But I have a hub already connected to another outdoor cam. Can my new camera be added to the existing hub or does it have to be connected to the hub it came with ?
Thanks for your response.

You can add your new Cam Outdoor to either hub and also later change to a different hub assignment. Go to Wyze app Home > tap the icon for the Hub you wish to connect your new cam (it must be online/connected > tap “Add Wyze Cam Outdoor” > follow on-screen instructions (turn cam power on and wait for flashing status light) > tap “Begin Setup” > select the Base Station you wish your cam to connect to > press the “Synch” button on cam > keep following on-screen instructions.


You can hook up to 4 WCO’s to one Base Station. So to Answer your question: You should be able to hook up your new camera to the existing Base Station. Assuming it is close enough to connect to.

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Here is what is happening with me -

  1. I turn on the outdoor cam
  2. Instead of a blinking yellow light I get a yellow solid light.
  3. The solid light goes off after a few seconds.
  4. Now there is no light.
  5. I press the round sync button nonetheless
  6. Camera says sync in progress or something to that effect. The light starts blinking yellow/blue. At this point the hub is also blinking yellow/blue:
  7. After about a minute or so it says outdoor cam sync failed.

It’s behaving differently than what’s described in the app or online do the sync process.

Never mind ! It all worked after I restarted the hub … :man_shrugging:

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