No sound on OG Cams

Not getting any sound from wyze cams when viewing in web portal on desktop.

Anyone else getting this? I’ve restart cams and pc.

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Same here. 7 cameras…no sound anymore. I do get sound on my android but not on the web portal.

Not sure what options we have…

Confirmed same problem here. Seems the website has been under quite a few changes as of late, there was a few weeks that the events page wasn’t even available unless you hand-entered the address. Now it is again… But the audio is zero on web access, not available on motion events or live stream. DOES WORK on the AUDIO events however… Its baffling.

I’ve got 4 WYZE OG Cams, none are functional with web view audio.
All are up to date firmware, restarted, rebooted, reconfigured, removed from CAM+ and re-added to CAM+, removed from group, re-added. All computers/phone/tablet configured to view have all been reset as well.

Confirmed no audio on multiple browsers as well.
Edge, Chrome, Opera - no audio

Any remedy, I’m all ears. I’ve got a bandaid workaround with my desktop PC using a android emulator, then RDP interfaced to the office. But the quality and rendering speed is very poor… (but it’s better than nothing)

No audio on any of my cameras also on the web live app. Version 2.4.7. All work fine on the iOS phone app.
When can there be a resolution for this?

Same issue here too - no audio from V3 cam on Chrome browser, stopped working middle of last week.

Audio is back working on Chrome browser here.


I confirm. It’s back this morning for me also.
Good job at the repair to whoever got this working!


Confirmed back to working.