No response from tech support

I’ve submitted two separate request for help over the past three weeks without any sort of reply. What is the deal? I really want to like these cameras but in order for mine to work it has to be within three to four feet of my router which is ridiculous. I have even sent in the diagnostic files they ask you to run after downloading another app.

Can you please post your tech support ticket numbers? I have notified a Wyze employee of this, and they’ll want those numbers. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I have a tech support ticket number. I filled out the form online but didn’t write anything down. Is that supposed to come in an email or is that something I should have written down?

Hmmmm, that’s a darn good question. I’ve never filled out a support form online, so I couldn’t tell you for sure. Although, I do believe you should have received an email. I’m hoping @WyzeGwendolyn can answer that question for you.


Yes, you should have received an automated email back very shortly after submitting the ticket. Two possibilities: (1) you didn’t fully complete the submission by pressing send after the Wyze app switched to your email app, or (2) (more likely), the responses have been going to your spam folder.


Well that could be the problem. I filled out the form and submitted it but it never brought up my email app. I’ll try from my phone. Thanks.

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I’m sorry, I should have been more clear. On the phone it will bring up the email app as an overlay. On the web, it is just the form.

Have you checked your spam folder?

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Who told you to download another app? Tech support?

Yes, from the web site. You run it on your phone while your phone is sitting near the camera and it analyzes the communications and outputs the file that you sent to tech-support. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the name of the app.

It’s called RouteThis:

Just to clarify… you ran RouteThis on your own as opposed to being asked to do so by tech support?

Yes, I check my spam folder every day. I don’t feel that I’m the only one having the same problem and I’m concerned that I’m being ignored. Perhaps they got a bad batch of cameras at some point. Literally if I move the wireless router more than four or 5 feet from the camera it can’t communicat or has trouble communicating. It’s very frustrating because I really want to like these cameras. It can’t be my network as I can stream to five televisions simultaneously and have no issues. I am on A gigabit fiber network and I’m using a nighthawk wireless router.

I also sent in my Trace This key, and did receive the automated email reply. I was given a ticket number - Wyze Ticket 171902] Request received: Cellular- no connect TraceThis key
And when I replied got a second ticket number 174304. February 8th.
I just bought a 3rd pan cam to use at our vacation house, not connected yet, and concerned that, again, I won’t be able to access it remotely.

It’s not very comforting. I really expected more from their tech-support. Very disappointed. Just bought three blink cameras.

Sorry to hear about this problem! If you would like, I’d be happy to look for your support tickets in our system. Could you please message me the email address that you would have provided when filling out the form?

I found your ticket and have poked the Wizards about replying to you. We’re sorry for the delays!


Just did, thanks for checking.

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You are awesome. Thanks!

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You’re welcome! I found your ticket and I’ll start poking Wizards with sticks for you. :slight_smile:

So I did just get a reply, but it’s pretty lame: 2.4gh (check); LTE sipped (check); reads what ports Wyze needs (check).
What’s the point of the trace route check, if it (apparently) means nothing to ‘tech’ support?
I’m really disappointed in the level of help.

@WyzeGwendolyn “poking the wizards” BY FAR the best tech support wording I have ever read…this should be included on the site when you submit issues lol

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