No response from tech support

That’s actually what they are called, the “Wyze Wizards”. :slight_smile:


5 year old’s response to hearing “poke the wizard”


That’s pretty much what it was like.

@0.stanton, I’m betting that it’s them working through the SOP. Would you like for me to check on your ticket again?


Thanks. My cams are set on 360p. I am on a 2,4gh network. I have good connections. My cell signal is good. My ports are not blocked. What are the results of the trace this log file I submitted? Why is the zip file password protected? I may be able to check things in the log files that may help, but it’s locked.

You’re welcome! I decided to poke a higher level Wizard for you and I hear you should have a response now. I’m not sure why the log is password protected but I’ll ask to see if I can find out for you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is for privacy to protect information about camera usage.

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Hi Tod,
Just a thought. Whenever I have connectivity issues with Wi-Fi, the first thing I check is how crowded the wireless channel is. Living in apartments or areas where there are many other wireless APs can cause the default channel to become crowded and weak.

I use an Android app called “WiFi Analyzer”. It scans the area for all the wifi traffic.
If you are on channel 11 and there are three or more other people using the same channel, it can cause a problem.
My Wyze cam is 20 feet away from my router, outside under an awning with a wall in between and it works fine.
Try to isolate yourself with a channel that no one else is using and see if that helps.
Good Luck!

I had a night hawk, operative is had. It was good for a little while then turned to a pile of junk. Even after flashing Asus Merlin on it, the wifi was bad. I now have a ubiquiti ap lr pro. My wyzecams are much much faster. I get a video feed in under 4 second from tapping cameras in the app. All cams report 70+ % wifi signal, even in the basement, AP is in my attic.

My camera setting is 360p on both.

Why is the traceThis zip files password protected?

Perhaps if I could see the hops and ports, I could figure out for myself what’s stopping my cell phone from accessing.

Can you give me the password to see the .log files on MY camera?

Thanks, Susie

I don’t have the access to that password. Very few people in the company have access to that for security reasons. I would ask your agent for visibility if they didn’t send you screenshots from the RouteThis test. :slight_smile:

Oh, and in case you didn’t get the update earlier, the password is on your log to protect information about camera usage.

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