No reply to support emails.

I have sent 2 support emails (47034 and 46157) and have also tried calling with no reply. Has anyone been receiving any replies?

My cameras will not connect unless I’m on my home Wi-Fi. If I try to connect away from my home network it gets to 3/3 connecting then starts over.

Have rebooted router and cameras many times.

App version 3.1.112 beta. But I had the same problem since I got them before the beta.


I am sorry you’ve had trouble reaching us! Our phones have been crazy busy, we are trying our best!

I just emailed you a reply to your support ticket, #47034. Hopefully we can get this resolved for you quickly, thanks!

I submitted a ticket online 5/15 (48883) and have yet to hear from anyone either. Fortunately in my case the connection problem solved itself after 4 days.

I finally received a response a week after my email. Now I have to wait until I can get home to try what they’ve outlined in the email and I won’t be home until just before they quit for the day.

So far, I’m underwhelmed and not happy.

I definitely understand the frustration and am sorry we are so behind on getting responses out. I found your support ticket and am keeping a watch on it myself to make sure you are getting responses in a timely manner.

Our phone lines have been so busy, we’ve been working to grow our team to meet the demand but it hasn’t been going as quickly as we have hoped. I thank you again for your patience and I am sorry you’ve had to deal with the slow support. We are doing the best we can right now and greatly appreciate your feedback around this matter.

I still haven’t received a response to my reply telling me how long it might be before I get any kind of help once I send the “support” person the information they need.

I’m sorry, but I’m not patient right now. I’m in a real time crunch and have already had to spend money with my ISP to see if bumping up the speed will make a difference. Wyze isn’t going to reimburse me for my additional costs if that extra speed wasn’t needed.


It would be nice to have direct email contact with Wyze team member such as Maggie? I have sent four emails(2 from chat mode) and 2 on my own to support in past two weeks, not A WORD back???
Customer Service is severely, severely lacking and all I am asking is about problem with V2 that will not connect to network and it is 2 months out of warranty- should last longer than that!