No push notifications from entry sensors

I went through two support tickets, but I’m basically getting nowhere with this. Over a month ago, I stopped getting push notifications from all five of my entry sensors. My cameras still send me push notifications and my hub still alerts me when the entry delay has started or an alarm is active. However, I get no push notifications from any of my entry sensors. My ticket was escalated to the services team, and they finally determined that my hub is most likely defective and sent me a new one. I just finished setting up the new hub and triple checked all of the notification settings, but I am still not getting any push notifications. My wife has the same phone as me and is logged in to the same account, and she doesn’t even get notifications. I’m starting to wonder if there is a problem with the app itself or possibly with my account. Any thoughts?

Okay so now I’m really confused. I decided to open the Wyze app on my old iPad because I haven’t updated that version of the app for a long time. I figured that maybe it’s a glitch in the newer app version. I signed in to my account on the iPad, and now my phone and my wife’s phone are getting push notifications again. I literally didn’t touch anything other than signing in on the iPad. It’s definitely a software glitch of some kind.

Hey Wyze,
You might want to ask your programmers why signing into an old version of the app would trigger push notifications across all devices because it makes zero sense to me.

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And yet I still don’t get notifications from my V2 motion sensors since 5 months ago :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Yeah it makes absolutely no sense to me. It has to be a software glitch or an account glitch. My iPad and phone aren’t connected in anyway, but all it took to fix the problem was logging into a really old iPad and an old version of the app to kickstart the push notifications. I would really like to hear from some of the top dogs at Wyze on this one because I’m obviously not the only one with this issue.

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When did you change phones? 5 months ago?

Another user reports that their Push Notifications came back online after logging into their account online. I’m searching for that post but having trouble locating it. Not sure if it was a Web View or Wyze Account \ Services login.

We got new phones maybe 6 months ago, but push notifications stopped about a month ago.

Gotcha. I was responding to @rulwiz as I know they have undergone some phone and OS changes recently. Just curious if that may have coincided.

I quit receiving V2 motion sensors notifications on my iphone way before I switched to an android device.

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Same issue here. Receive notifications from Cams but not from Motion detectors. Just tested with latest software update android. Started about 5 months ago.
Suspect that dialog in the App “event recording must be enabled for push notification” you receive in Cam settings. Motion detectors do not have the event recording dialog and perhaps
app prevents push notifications from them.

This was the canned response I got from the Wyze team:

“No worries. We’ve reached out to the team and thanks to reports from users like you, our developers are aware of and actively investigating this issue.

Rest assured they are looking into the root cause to integrate what was lacking in our system. We don’t have an estimated time frame on when this will be resolved, currently, the fix is being tested before being released to make sure there are no additional issues.”

Sounds like people have been having this is issue for a long time. To be honest, I feel like the app has been a lot more buggy lately. Too many products and/or features too fast? It’s just not as reliable as it used to be.

Not sure if this the same issue, but having the Wyze app installed on multiple devices may result in conflicting rules/configurations. I had “shared” a camera with my relative who had another account. They “disabled” notifications on my camera due being annoyed by the alerts. I had notifications enabled on my devices but didn’t get any. Until one day discussing notifications with that relative, it came out that they had disabled notifications on the shared device. Re-enabling notifications on the shared device fixed the problems. Disabled the “sharing” of the camera which ensured it would not happen again. The challenge is that the primary owner of the camera could not over ride the disabling of the notifications by the “shared user” and was not notified in any way by the application. So when I hear that someone logs into another device and things work differently, it may be that the configuration is different on the other device and now the system responds differently. People don’t mention things like they used a different account or the settings on the IOS device was different than the Android device, or that the devices are shared. Just some ideas for what may have caused unexplained changes.

Good theory, but that’s simply not the case with me. We have the same phone, same account, same everything. Neither of us were getting notifications until I opened an old version of the app on an iPad I rarely use (it’s usually dead) and logged in under the same account as our phones. Magically all of our notifications started working again, and I didn’t touch anything else other than logging in. During the notifications blackout, my door sensors would trigger the entry delay maybe 75% of the time. I would hate for someone to break in during the other 25%.

This is either a firmware issue with the hub, or it’s an account level issue that seriously needs to be addressed.

I have 5 cameras that were all sending me and my wife tons of woody woodpecker sound notfications every day. Then all of a sudden one day it stopped and we haven’t got a single notification in over a month. I’ve checked both our phones, all the app settings, and everything is correct. Turning them on and off (notification settings) does nothing.
I’m sick and tired of my camera system changing it’s behavior randomly every few months without me doing anything.
I feel like this is a class action about to happen.
You buy a security product to perform a function, no matter how well it does it’s function or it doesn’t, making us all be beta development testers and changing it’s behavior randomly is not what we purchased these for.