No Phone Notifications as of 7:19pm Eastern TIme

Not sure if others are experiencing this, but all day today I was getting a lot of notifications. However, I received my last notification at 7:19 pm Eastern Time. Alexa is still notifying of person on driveway, but the App is not on both iOS and Android.

Curious if anyone else is experiencing this.

@WyzeShawn , is there something going on with the AI Servers? I just got bombarded with alerts at 7:33pm. Still waiting to see if I get more Alerts.

Hi! Thank you for submitting this issue. Could you send me a log? I think I got the same issue as well. Thank you very much.


Trying to submit a log… Saying upload failed. I will try again…


Log 254867 has been submitted.


Trying to determine a pattern: I get notifications sporadically, but wondering now if the issue is with Alexa. Not sure.

If the log proves useful and you need me to try something, please feel free to ask.

Just tested, I got an alert (8:24pm EST) from my WCO with cam plus and PD notifications on.

I haven’t tested any V2’s or V3’s.

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Yea, I am getting Alerts now, but Alexa is not alerting at the same time. May be an Alexa issue.

Waiting to see what @WyzeBaohua finds out.

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Yes, I got notification back last night. It is working now. Will keep monitoring that. Thanks a lot!


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