Notifications only sometimes

is anyone else have problems getting notifications? mine seem to have a mind of its own, sometimes they work, sometimes none at all. i have a samsung s7. already spoke 2 support twice, didnt resolve anything.

Yes, while discussing Alexa routines and integrations it appears that there is a slowdown somewhere. I have sometimes very fast notifications and sometimes very lagging notifications.

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sonetimes it takes 5 or 6 minutes for a notifications, sometimes none at all, and sometimes i get them, but no event shows up, then i get 3 or 4 in a row. i really like these cams and all there features, and wanted to buy alot more, but with these issues, i am reconsidering.

Are you speaking about phone notifications or Alexa notifications, @catfishman1103?


Hi. Yep, I’m having the same issue with push notifications being delayed several minutes to my phone, Pixel 2XL and my tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.