No notifications or event uploads with Cam Plus

For the past couple of weeks my Wyze Cam Floodlight is not sending notifications or uploading to the cloud. However, it is saving events to my SD card and I can view them in “Playback”.

The Wyze app and camera firmware are all up-to-date. Event recordings are set to Detected by PIR Sensor> Smart detection events (with all Object Detections checked). Notifications is turned on and all Motion Events checked.

I have unassigned and re-assigned the cam plus license. I have restarted the device (through the app and by shutting the power off). Notifications and cloud recordings will work for a little while, but then after a couple of hours stop working again.

I opened a support ticket (3049715 ) for this and was given a list of troubleshooting steps, which I had already tried. I was told to then send a device log, which I did (1054743).

I was then given the canned response of “This request will now be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting. Please keep an eye out for future app and firmware updates. If the issue persists after those updates, please continue to submit logs so that our engineers can continue improving our devices.”

I’m kinda shocked by this response. My floodlight camera is no longer working like it has for the past year (with a paid annual subscription to cam plus), and my only hope for a fix is a future app/firmware update?

Has anyone else run into this and can hopefully provide some insight/suggestions?

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