Not getting any notifications...again

The inconsistencies from Wyze cams are something else. It’s always something.

Now I’m not getting any notifications for any of my cameras. Not only that, my floodlight cam doesnt have any events when I know that movement has been detected. So basically nothing works. I’d be surprised if this is only happening to just me.

I just installed my first Wyze camera and I too am not receiving notifications but I do see activity clips. Did you ever reaolve how to get your notifications? I’m flummoxed.

There are three different levels of notification controls, at the device level, your account level, and then the app level. Each of those three levels need to be enabled for you to get notifications through, but if any one of those three is disabled, you won’t get notifications into your phone or device.

Maybe start posting screen shots of your different settings pages to see if fresh eyes on them can see anything a miss.