Cam floodlight not sending notifications or events

Looking for help with cam floodlight not sending notification and event.
I have 2 cam floodlights saving events to SD card only, have no cam plus acct. Only use cameras mainly at night. Wyze app will show no events, and I won’t receive any notifications, but if I go to “view playback” there is always numerous recordings showing on timeline. I can view these recordings, and most of the time it is insects that I guess is tripping camera to record. I have also had cats, deer, and other animals being recorded, but I never receive notification or event recording picture in events. I have spoken with wyze support, 4 different support people over a period of 3 months. No one has been able to tell me why this is happening. They basically read from already prepared answers, and say engineering will have to look at this.
I can go through and view all recordings to see what was recorded, but I don’t want to spend a couple of hours viewing useless recordings. I have had my fill of calling support, and not getting anywhere with this. Looking for any support out there.

In order to get any notifications you need to set the cameras to record SOMETHING to the cloud. Turn on motion detection on the cameras and turn on alerts. You don’t need CamPlus, but you do need motion detection enabled for recording and alerts.

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WildBill, I only record to SD card. Don’t have cloud storage. I record to SD card events only. Motion detection set from 5% to 100%, detection zone on, event recording on, pir sensor on, all motion, notifications on, motion events on, night vision in auto. My issues are I will receive notification and event snapshot picture if it is a person, auto, or a large object that is in view of camera for say it least 10-15 seconds. The event picture is time stamped, which I than can go to PLAY BACK and view recording.
On that timeline of playback, there could also be as much as 40 or 50 more marked areas of something being recorded. When viewing them, it could be anything as in insects, cat, deer, moon reflecting off of water and so on. I never receive notification or event recording for these. Again, the only way to see what was recorded is to view all recordings. That could take you hours to view depending on the amount.
No one at wyze support can help, they just tell me engineering is looking at this. Has been 3 months now.
Does anyone know the chain of events that take place to record an event, send notification, and show an event snapshot in events tab?

Without cloud storage you won’t get any notifications. Without CamPlus or CamPlus lite or any other subscription you only get thumbnails and no AI. I must be missing what you are trying to do without any cloud services.

Let me start over from beginning.
I have 2 cam v3 floodlights. I don’t have cloud storage, or cam plus ect. Everything that is recorded goes to SD card. Camera settings are as what follows. Detection settings have been adjusted from 0 to 100% to try different settings. Detection zone is on, event recording is on, recording motion events and detected by pit sensor. Notifications are turned on, receive notifications on motion events. Camera/floodlights have a setting to record to SD card, that is turned on, and only record events only is turned on. Night vision mode is set to auto. Floodlight control is set to auto, and motion is detected by pit sensor is turned on, and motion is detected by camera is turned on.
I mainly use cam/floodlightst at night. If I walk in front of camera, floodlight will turn on, I will receive notification, and if I go to home page on app, open events, a thumbnail picture of what the motion was will show there. I then have to go to that specific camera, tap it to open and there is an option to view playback. Tap playback, and you will see a time line, where there will be sections on timeline highlighted in green that marks where something was recorded. You can then view whatever was recorded there. This is recorded on SD card.
My problem is that camera seems to work correctly when seeing a person or car, but camera is also recording insects, animals ( cat, deer ) and also the sun and moon reflecting off water. I live on the water.
It will record this to SD card, but I don’t receive a notification or event thumbnail. This may happen 40-50 times over night, If I review the timeline, it shows the time it was recorded, but you have to go back and view all the recordings to see what told camera to record. This could take hours reviewing all this. Wyze can’t tell me why I receive notifications/event thumbnail for some, and not for others.
I think it has to do with timing issue, chain of events to trigger certain things.
I just did software update about a week ago, and now I am not getting motion tagging on recordings anymore. Just one thing after another.

Without any subscriptions there’s a 5 min cooldown between event thumbnails. I’m not sure if that also applies to sd card recordings.

What behavior do you want though, do you want notifications for all the insects?

Also, you can quickly jump to the recording on the SDcard from the event thumbnail by hitting the playback button on the event