No Mother's Day Special discount for you when buying Cam Plus subscription!

The MDAYSPECIAL discount code does not work.


I just tried it and it is working for me. First I added 3 Lightstrip Pros and the coupon worked.
Then I wondered if it only worked because I chose items listed as part of the Mother’s Day sale, so I removed those and added 2 OG Stack kits, and it still worked for that too.


What items are you trying to purchase? I’ll try to duplicate your order and see if we can find out what product is causing that error.

You haven’t already used this coupon on an earlier order this week? Are you using another coupon code at the same time?

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In the topic title. Try it for a Cam Plus subscription.

Oh, thanks, I missed reading the title, but why would you need free shipping for a Cam Plus subscription? It isn’t something that ships. Are you ordering a camera with it, or Cam Plus all by itself? If Cam Plus all by itself, it definitely won’t work because there is no shipping for the code to remove. The code shouldn’t make any difference in the price for that. What were you looking to have happen differently? I did have Cam Plus trials added in while I tried ordering the OG cams and the code worked. So it seems to only not work when there aren’t any Physical products being ordered. Just order Cam Plus without the code, it wouldn’t change the price anyway since Cam Plus doesn’t ship. There is no benefit to trying to use the code with just cam plus since there is no shipping to remove off the cost already.

If you’re ordering something with Cam Plus and this is happening, can you specify what items as I asked before, since it previously let me order OG cams with their Cam Plus trials and use the code just fine (just tried again with Pan V3’s, and it works with cam plus with those too).

Also note that you have to spend at least $100 on the order to use the free shipping code.

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Ah, the MDAYSPECIAL code is only for free shipping. My misunderstanding, as I thought it was a general discount.

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