No more siren ( cam v3 )

Cam v3
Just have it a couple days and siren doesn’t work, I’ve heard it once but no more after that
Is it because of firmware update it did.
In 3 days another can v3 will arrive to cover backside of the house but I need the siren to work on both since I have crooks trying my doors after they left the bar around the corner…
Love to the quality day/night motion

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I just ran a test on all my V3 after the update. I turned on the sirens from the cam live view and from a rule shortcut button I have set up.

Are yours not activating manually or from a trigger rule you have programmed?


In rules > triggers > motion detection > siren on
Shortcuts >
It doesn’t work

Interesting. Wondering if that may be a bug in the iOS software. I just verified it is working in the most up to date Android app version w\ V3 on up to date Firmware.

I can’t test iOS, so I will tag in the @mods and @mavens who do use iOS and see if they can duplicate your issue on the V3.

Please post your app version and firmware version along with a support log number for the app and the cam so they can forward it to Wyze devs if they confirm it.




Just created a Shortcut to activate the Siren on my V3 via the iOS App. I was able to activate the siren and then turn it off.

Did you do something different?


No, mine are good in Android. OP had an issue.

@dutch, please verify your firmware version on that cam.


Mine worked on both Android and iOS.

I did update my FW befoe it was halted. Also I am running the Beta App on both iOS and Android


What is your trigger, or how are you activating the siren where it’s not activating? Manually? By rule?

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All right after messing around a bit more it seemed my 25 foot extension cable is the problem. Somehow it looses power or so in the length of the cable.
So I’m sorry for your all’s waisted time on this. It works with original cable but it’s to short so have to find something about 15-20 ft that works properly.
Thank you all !!!

It was this cable that is the problem
25ft Power Extension Cable…
I am not promoting this or wanna break any forum rules
Just preventing future problems for other users
Peace out :metal:t3:


For long cable runs I run 12 volts to location then regulate down to 5 volts at camera


I had to extend to several cams as well, though not as far as bryonhu. I purchased these. Have not had any issues from those cams.

2 Pack 20FT Power Extension Cable Compatible with WyzeCam, Wyze Cam Pan, NestCam Indoor,Blink,Amazon Cloud Camera,USB to Micro USB Durable Charging and Data Sync Cord(White)

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Thanks guys much appreciated!