Siren not working?

Hello why all my Siren on m’y 4 v3 cam pro not working anymore ?

What happens when you turn it on, nothing?
I only have one V3 Pro and the siren is loud and clear. I have one of my V3 camera where the cam will turn off if I turn on the siren, I suspect it does that because it is connected to about 30 feet of regular USB cable and it isn’t getting the correct amount of power (5 V -1 Amp) The cam itself works just fine.


Please make sure you’re using the included power cables and adapter, with no extensions. The v3 pro requires more power than other cameras, so its power adpater is higher output. Usually it doesn’t cause many issues if you use an underpowered source, but using the siren or 2 way talk can cause it to fail.


How are you triggering the siren? When did the siren work? What changed between then and now? Need way more info here about your setup, use case and triggering methods before focused assistance can be given. Actual firmware versions are needed, actual app versions are needed also where appropriate.


One of these days someone’s hearing will have went and that above is what they will be asking instead :slightly_smiling_face:

Let it not be that day.

Hello i go on my i-phone application wyze, than i select the picture of one cam than i click plus than siren to make it run to ear it ?? it was working last monthe corectly since a buy it but today a try to make it run (the siren) and it appears in red and it doesn’t work when i click on the icon siren

Plus what?


yes a click on that icon and it turn red and wont do any noise?? sorry for my english i am french and thank you to all response-

So you manually trigger it with the the on screen button? I see @Antonius posted a v3 pro picture, here is the regular v3 menu, you need to hit “more” to get to the manual siren button.

I also don’t understand what the “plus” part is.

Sorry , the plus is in French on my phone is (more) in English than a click on the icon siren, and it turn red et won’t trigger the alarm

le français est bien, je ne peux pas traduire peut-être?

V3 or V3 Pro camera?

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and i have the same picture like you

ha merci antonius , v ok quand je click sur l’icône de ma sirène le logo de sirène devient rouge et aucun bruit de la sirène ne se fait entendre ,?? pourtant le mois passé tout était ok avec mes 4 cam v3 ?? j’ai fait les mises a jour des versions et aucune sirène de mes 4 cam ne fonctionne maintenant ce assez bizarre un gros merci de votre aide

Je n’ai pas mis à jour mes caméras donc je n’ai pas ce problème. Quel numéro de firmware utilisez-vous ?

Yes i manually hit the bouton siren and it does nothing about turn red only

4,36,11,4679 version du firmware

version du plug in 2,44,9

et ces wyze cam v3

C’est le V3 Firmware et je n’ai pas fait la mise à jour car il y avait beaucoup de problèmes.

That is V3 firmware and I did not do the update because it had many issues.

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comment je fait pour revenir en arriere du firware ?? i want my sirène working