Cam outdoor siren don't work on V2

Hi everyone.

I have an outdoor cam v1 and V2

My v1 siren used to work until an update awhile back . Wyze says it never had one. I know it did cause that why I liked it

I bought 2 V2 outdoors cams the sirens never worked

Wyze is replacing 1 . I returned 1

Wyze already replaced one cause battery stoped charging but the same siren issue existed with that as well . The one they replaced the with same issue . Now they going for a third time

The can figure it out not I.

I have set rules . Unplugged changed outlets . Changed WiFi more than 10 times

The battery full the signal 100

I think an update destroyed them and the new cam have that update preloaded.

Any one else with same issues. I’d so and resolved . Share please

I don’t think the outdoor (battery) cams ever had a siren. I have had them since they came out.

Mine did. Cause I always had to turn it off cause my neighbor parked their truck under. It.

Wyze says it didn’t so maybe it got programed wrong. But I also could turn it on manually so it does have one in it

Actually they did add siren support starting in June 2021. It is under the “More” setting on the bottom of the WCO app. I don’t know or want to know about rules, my sirens do work in manual mode.

I have that siren button on my v1 and V2

Manually work

Auto the v1 did work believe it or not and stopped after an update

The V2 auto never

Wyze says it’s should but could figure it out

I can’t click on that update to try it

That update added the ability to use the siren. As I stated I know nothing about “AUTO” or rules to set up the cam to sound the siren although I have seen members set it up on a V3. I have used the manual mode to see if it worked and they did but not very loud like my V3 cams.