No more integration with Alexa show mode?

Hello. I have an Amazon fire tablet 8 and 8 plus and I used to be able to use the Amazon Skill to view my cameras. Now I get the message “Your Alexa enabled device does not currently support that”

I had several chats with Wyze support and 45 minutes with Amazon support and neither could figure it out. Did this feature go away?

I have done al the requested steps, singed out of app, deleted skill, rebooted phone, reinstalled skill and devices and nothing is working.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

After a few hours of testing the outdoor camera is the only one that does show. But the v2 and pan can do not show.

I am told this is a known issue impacting a “small number”.

And of course this happens as I just ordered even more Wyze products including the hole security.

This would be a question for @Frederik on why this isn’t working with some cameras. Do the cameras work on other smart displays?

Unfortunately, I do not know.

I know it’s not what you want to hear but the message suggests that this is a problem on the Alexa side.
One thing to try is to try to see if this is working with an Echo Show or a FireTV.

One thing I’m suspecting is that the Alexa Tablet might not support WebRTC. I have an option question with the Alexa team on that subject exactly. Hopefully they can get me an answer pretty quickly…

There is another aspect also potentially. Alexa does have an issue with RTSP. It’s happening for a small amount of users (not just Wyze but all brands) and they don’t have a solution for that. Since we are moving to WebRTC, this is the way out from their point of view.

Outdoor is already RTSP and I think v2 and Pan are in the process of migrating to WebRTC. so I’m “hoping” this is a WebRTC support issue.


Alexa team said that it should be supporting WebRTC but they want to doublecheck.

One thing proactively we can do is: can you (@louis.mauro) send me your MAC Id for one of your camera that is failing? I want to check with engineering to see if you are still on RTSP or on WebRTC already.

  • If you are on RTSP, we might try to bump you on WebRTC and see if that resolves the issue.
  • If you are on WebRTC already, then we are at the mercy of Alexa.

When you say RTSP in this context do you mean that Wyze’s private protocol has always been a form of RTSP to the app, or are you specifically talking about the one-off generic RTSP firmware that was made available?

The Cam outputs RTMP to a Wowza server that transform it into RTSP for consumption by Alexa or MPEG-Dash for Google Home.
So the RTSP mentioned is not the one from the separate firmware but instead the one we are generating out of the RTMP stream coming out of the camera.

This is the RTMP stream that we are replacing with WebRTC.


Thanks, @Frederik. That really helps clear it up. Always appreciate your forthrightness.

I was finally able to confirm the cameras do indeed work on the Amazon fire stick using the show mode.

Not sure why they would not work in the fire tablets.

I"m still waiting for an answer from Alexa. With the Holidays, it was hard to get anything moving forward.

I’m suspecting that you are on WebRTC and it is not supported on the tablets just yet.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with your problems but I’m coming here from another thread alexa not triggering from motion or contact sensors. After 3 days off tinkering we figured out that if you had those sensors set to record a video to the cloud when triggered, it was breaking the alexa integration. By turning off the video being recorded on motion or contact opening alexa came back to life. If you need the video to be recorded the workaround is to do it with a shortcut on the app not the check box in notifications and everything works

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That is a bug. Thank you! I will create a ticket right away to get that addressed. Nice troubleshooting.