Alexa, Fire Tablet in Show Mode, Wyze Cam v2

I’m curious if anyone is using Alexa on a Fire Tablet in Show Mode to display video from Wyze Cam v2. The Tablet is 10Gen 8HD. The cameras and v1 sensors have been working in the Wyze app on the tablet for years. The v1 sensors (contact & motion) work fine from Alexa on the Fire Tablet in Show Mode. The v2 cameras are “found” and added as Alexa devices, but Alexa cannot connect to them. Alexa just times out.

All I can find in the forums is that this combination stopped working in 2021. I have Show Mode working with Wyze Cam OG. So I just plan to use OG’s with Alexa and move the v2 cams elsewhere.

Do your V2’s have Cam+ subscription on them? If not, you should at least try adding the Cam+ Lite version. You can use “Lite” for free. Wyze was generous in allow free use. Add Cam+ Lite and where it asks for money, put 0. It will accept and allow free use. But if you can, pay them something. And let us know if this solved your issue. please

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Ur lucky,
I cannot connect my V1 contacts & sensors detectors in the Wyze app.

But, U will try it again on my,
Amz Fire HD10 tablet (9th gen), in Show Mode.

I also have a new AMZ Show (unboxed).

Hope you find a solution.

U gave me new hope, for my OG (V1 Sensors & Contacts).

Thx !
Happy New Year !

I too love the old V1’s. It not always a question of being so cheap for the hardware. I like the V1’s better than V2’s.
For you, I have two suggestions.

  1. Create a new Wyze account. Log out of the Wyze app on your phone, and log in to the new account. See if it will let you add those V1’s. Its a good test. (I’d also shutdown and restart the phone before I tried, cost nothing.)
  2. Look on ebay. Often you can find some V1’s even a V1 bridge for sale. Sometimes a new bridge will let your V1’s join you net again.
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Just to be clear, when I referred to “v1” it was referring to Wyze Sense v1 sensors which used a hub plugged into the back of the Wyze Cam v2. As opposed to the Wyze Sense v2 sensors which have a hub separate from the camera. So in my prior message, I am only referring to Wyze Cams v2 and Wyze Sense v1 Sensors.

I use various combinations of v2 Cams, OG Cams, Sense v1 sensors, Sense v2 sensors (incl. climate) and multiple properties. I have a set up of 4 cameras (two inside, one garage, one visibly in a front window facing out pointing at the front door), 2 contact sensors, 1 motion sensor, and old cell phone used as a hotspot. When I’m transitioning a rental property, I set this up inside while it is vacant. I use Command Strips on the sensors so they come off easily. The setup works great. Obviously, I’m not streaming 4 cameras of video over a 4G-LTE network, but when a sensor fires, I can look at the camera to see if is a problem. I get a new SIM each time ($15-$25). Fortunately, I don’t have enough vacancies to justify paying for a full-time 2nd line.

At one property in Spokane, WA (where I don’t live), it has a damp unfinished basement. I did some mitigation, so I’m monitoring it with climate sensors in the basement, main floor, and outside. I’m about to head out there to install some moisture sensors and cameras on the basement floor before the Spring thaw when the water table is highest. 100 y/o home are a barrel of fun! But it sure is cute!

Me too. I understood you.

Makes sense. I like your thinking.

With my V1’s, I use a dime-sized magnet stuck on with clear double sided tape. And a small flat washer with double sided tape. I can paint the washer to blend with the background, so no one knows. And I move the sensors around so anyone noticing outside doesn’t get used to them.
You might want to check out very cheap, no contract plans.
You might want to look at Yolink sensors too. They have a break glass and shake sensor that could make a difference for any break-in. I love their stuff. 1,000 range. Might be useful to be able to deploy a small secondary/backup system.

tello, mint, a few others. It depends who’s running a deal when I need it. Of course none that explains why I need Alexa… I was visiting family and they had a Show. It seemed well integrated to their lifestyle. So I thought I’d try it out. I didn’t like more crap on my countertop, so I preferred a wall mount tablet in Show Mode. I also had this 70’s wall phone hanging jack that I wanted to put to better use. I got lucky with the “close enough” mounting hole alignment… thought I’d have to do something custom, but no. Now I just need to see if Visual Alexa can integrate into our lives as much as Audio Alexa has before I invest in something prettier.


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Unrelated, but as long as we’re liking on v1. One problem I’ve had with the v1 motion sensor is that people think it is a camera. I have it installed in a cabin kitchen “main” area where motion would be. Many guests have thought it was a camera without telling me. Now I’m sure to tell new guests that it is a motion sensor.

Are you using the docking solution for show mode?

Gonna have to look into this later.

Wyze updates come a day early to me (no idea why) so now, I’m dealing with a offline Pan Cam3 outdoors.

Snow & icy conditions, say’s, to me. Wait for our annual Jan Thaw in the Northeast and put power plug on a smart outlet.

One too many Power Resets, for me to keep running over there.