No longer getting Alerts on two of my cameras

I have 3 Pan v1 cameras and after having them all drop off the network and having to re-join them to the app (power outage), only one of them is actively sending me alerts despite the fact that the two that have stopped sending alerts see way more ‘stuff’ than the one that continues to function.
I have the Detection Settings all set identically, as well as Device Notifications (obviously, set to send notifications in event of Motion Event), and I’ve got MicroSD cards recording continuously on them all. They are running the same Firmware versions,
At first I thought maybe I had forgotten to log back into my account and them all back in to the Cam Plus Lite account I have, but they’re all in there. Signal strength to all of them is basically the same, although it’s funny that the on furthest from my router actually is the only one that continues to work as expected.
Any ideas?

Sounds like you notifications are set correctly. But to get notifications, you need events. Do these problem cameras get events in the cloud? Check your “detects motion” settings to see if that’s enabled.

Is this working correctly? Just note that the local sd card storage as no effect on your notifications as those are cloud triggered. Cloud storage and local storage are two independent and separate functions.

Looks like you are behind a little bit.


I would make sure your app and firmware are updated fully to be up to date will all fixes and improvements.

Thanks. I had decided to stop updating the cams without a good reason after a previous update seemed to break functionality; I figured, why update if they’re working correctly? But, I did go ahead and update the firmware on them yesterday and they are now back to correctly sending me alerts.
I appreciate the response!

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