No longer get still images on Apple Watch

I previously received an image preview notification on my Apple Watch Series 4 when my Wyze v2 detected motion. I now have a Series 5 that was restored from the profiles of the older watch and all I get on the watch is the Wyze logo icon as a motion notification. What can I do to get the image back on the notification screen?

I could be completely wrong here because I don’t use Apple devices, but I don’t think it was ever something WYZE setup up to get the images on the watch, it just sort of happened when they added the image to the notifications on the phone. I believe it has to do with the way the phone sends the notifications to the watch.

As I said though, I do not use iOS so it’s just a guess. Maybe another @Mavens can shed some light on it.


You are correct sir. it was what Bob Ross would call a happy accident. I don’t know the nuances of Apple products so I don’t know if there’s a way to make it work or what the deal would be to fix it.


I would go into the Watch app and check that the Wyze app is enabled under Notifications and possibly disable/re-enable it.

I use notification privacy which means the Watch shows a notification is present but not what the content is until I tap it on the Watch. This setting hides the image until you tap the notification.

See the screenshots attached.


Okay, this is weird. After changing nothing, the images are now appearing again. Go figure!

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Ah the old do nothing fix! It’s reasonably effective with technology issues. I noticed my wife’s mood has an impact on all my tech stuff as well.

Which is only fair as she has noticed my mood has an impact on if we watch TV or not. Something about getting tired of replacing TV’s with Whiskey glass sized holes in them.

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