BONUS: While Apple Watch is not officially supported, the update to rich notifications makes Wyze Cam alerts viewable on your wrist

BONUS: While Apple Watch is not officially supported, the update to rich notifications makes Wyze Cam alerts viewable on your wrist.”

This was stated in todays Wyze email. Does anyone know how to view Wyze cam alerts on apple watch 4?


They pop up as normal notifications on the watch just like any other app would while the iPhone is locked.


Are you saying there is an Apple watch Wyze app? Sorry, i feel dumb here. I do not get Wyze notifications on my watch but I do get Mail notifications from the Watch mail app and Messages notifications from the Watch messenger app and more… they all come thru as normal from their prospective apps. Where does the wyze notification come from to show up in Apple watch? I see no Wyze app for the apple watch

No there’s no Wyze app on the apple watch. The only way for you to receive the Rich notifications is if you have the latest update for the Wyze app downloaded.

Yea, I updated the latest Wyze update earlier this morning. Just not receiving any Wyze notifications on my watch, for whatever reason. Oh well thanks anyway

This is great! Might just be the final motivation for me to get an Apple watch.


In the WATCH App on your iPhone, select MY WATCH/Notifications … scroll down to make sure that the WYZE app is green (turned on) to Mirror Iphone Alerts. Should click in. I have noticed that not every Alert shows a thumbnail … but most do.

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I was so excited for this feature because I am planning on purchasing an Apple Watch, but I can’t even get the new rich notifications to work on my iPhone SE.

I get push notifications just fine, but no thumbnails. Anyone else have any insight into what’s wrong? Do I have some setting not adjusted right? I have tried everything I can think of.

If no thumbnails, maybe you didnt update the Wyze app in the App Store on your phone?

I do have the latest update, and I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it still doesn’t work. I know my phone is capable of receiving them because I have access to my mom’s Nest doorbell and those thumbnail notifications work fine. So I have no idea. :thinking:

I was pleasantly surprised by this update (wasn’t aware one was coming). Suddenly started being able to see thumbnails from camera in notifications. This makes it easier to tell if it’s something that’s worth taking a look at the recording or live feed.

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how do you add the wyze app onto my apple watch ? thanks

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I’m not getting Wyze notifications on my watch. I get everything else.
I’ve checked the Watch app on my phone and Wyze notifications are turned on, but they’re only appearing on the phone.

Same. Wyze notifications stopped working on my Watch altogether. I only get them on my phone. Used to work but not now. Very annoying.

This hasn’t worked for me. I have not been getting any notifications from the Wyze app on my watch. They always pop up (and sound up) on my iPhone instead of my Apple Watch, even if my watch is connected to the phone and showing notifications for other apps. All cameras, app, and watcha and phone firmwares are up-to-date.

Yeah this stopped working for me months ago. Not sure what happened. Maybe one of the iOS updates? I get a random notification on the watch from time to time, but VERY rarely. And they never have a thumbnail anymore