Wyze cameras on the Apple Watch

Has anyone been able to get the Wyze cameras to work correctly with the Apple Watch?
In my case, I get notifications and pictures of events from my Wyze cameras on my Wyze watch, but they are pictures only not video. Has anyone solved this?

I don’t see video even on my iPhone notification, and the app Events list. Only snapshot photo until you click on it to pull up the video. I suppose it would be a nice feature.

Honestly I would be happy if they would show video on the Events list in the app.

I do get video on my iphone when I open the Wyze notifications.

I’m wondering if there is a way to see Wyze camera video (not just stills) on my Apple Watch,

When you click on the iPhone notification it opens the Wyze app to load the actual event video. I suppose if there is a Wyze watch app, it would be possible for Apple Watch to load the video too. Perhaps you can request this under Wishlist ?

This isn’t an option.

If you’re adventurous, you could use several open source projects to get video feeds into Apple HomeKit and then see the video on your watch. However, Wyze has refused to seek direct HomeKit compatibility and rather rely on the hope of Matter.

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