Doorbell Camera - No Apple Watch Notifications

Just installed the doorbell cam this weekend. I am receiving motion/person detections in the app and it is alerting me on my iphone but does not alert me through my apple watch. If someone presses the doorbell, the apple watch receives that notification. I also receive all notifications on my apple watch from my Cam3s. Is this a bug or does anyone have a fix? I have the latest iphone, apple watch, latest ios/watch os and the latest Wyze app that just came out a few days ago. Thanks,

I am having the same issue. All outdoor camera notifications are coming through to my apple watch, but not getting any motion notifications on apple watch from doorbell cam. If someone rings the doorbell I get that on the watch. All notifications are working on my phone. All apps and firmware are up to date. I reached out to support and went back and forth for a while. Wyze is sending me a replacement doorbell, but not sure that is going to be the fix.

Thanks for the reply and info. I doubt it’s the doorbell, but I’m hoping I am wrong. Please let me know what happens. I have not filed a support ticket. Based on what you find out with the replacement, maybe I will contact support as well.

The reason I say it’s not the doorbell is because I still get the notification on the phone. It’s just not relaying it to the watch. When I researched it, it looks like at one point Wyze’s notifications were overloading the apple watch, causing it to reboot. I think Apple changed something on their end so it stop happening, basically, suppressing the notification. That being said, I can’t understand how I get them for all the v3 cams but not the doorbell. Seems like it would be all or nothing. Weird.

I’ve never received any notification on my iWatch 6 from my doorbell. I was hoping there was a means to view video on my watch and play back recordings. I thought I might see a Wyze app on my phone, but none there that I have found.

I have multiple WOC’s and multiple v3 cams, and never seen a notification on my watch from any of them.


That’s weird that you are not getting at least the other cam’s notification on your watch since me and @ j2y2572 are. I would definitely reach out to tech support after you first log out of the wyze app, uninstall it, reboot the phone and watch and then reinstall the app and log back in.

Another weird thing. I got (1) and only (1) non-doorbell ringing notification on my watch this week. Don’t know why or what else might have been the reason for it, but unfortunately, it was one and out.

I have the same issue. I just got the doorbell to replace my Ring 2, but I don’t get any notifications to my watch. I could get all notification to my apple watch with the Ring 2 doorbells with options to snooze notifications. Is a fix coming for this?

same here… i can get motion notifications to my apple watch from wyze sense but not from the doorbell. any fix yet?

I have this issue, and have ever since I received and installed the doorbell. @icon123, did the replacement doorbell fix the problem? Any other solutions? I get Apple Watch notifications fine from my v3 Cam.