Wyze camera notifications to watch

Notifications for actual Wyze camera events to Watch 47 do not work unless I enable Other Applications. Problem is when I enable other, they come as other but I don’t get Preview like I heard was a feature.

iOS 14.3
Watch: 0.12.37
Wyze App: 2.18.43

Also tried using the Beta version

what is this Preview you write of?

I didn’t verify the preview feature from the person who told me. He was my only basis for thinking it was a feature to see a snapshot of the motion event. Sorry about that.
Seems weird the Wyze app itself doesn’t notify the watch of motion events unless the “Other Notifications” is enabled and even they they come up as “Others”.

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I agree this is weird. With all the detail under notifications, Wyze camera alerts come in under “Others” and not “Wyze” or “Wyze Camera.” I would think if you have “Others” on, then all the others act as filters to prevent them from clogging your watch with BS and draining the battery. Now, what am I missing if I turn “Others” off?

Was there ever an answer to these questions about this “other applications” category? I’m still getting Wyze alerts marked as “Others”

Not that I’ve heard. There’s been very little information that one would expect in a robust manual. No tips or tricks.