No internet connection

Home base will not connect to my wifi or internet after an update. Powering off and rebooting does not work. Anyone else have this issue? I cannot turn on or connect my cameras to my phone app

What are you referring to? (Home Base) the base station for the battery powered cameras WYZE Cam Outdoor v1 and v2 (WCO) or home monitoring? If you are using the WCO cameras is the base connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi?

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home monitoring on wifi

Sorry I can’t help with that since I do not have Monitoring and have no idea on how it is set up. I’m sure another user here may be able to give you some information on your issue.

Have you tried signing out of the app, then go to the devices Settings/Apps and find Wyze. Under it, clear the cache first, then clear data. Launch the app normally, and sign in back in.

I had a bunch of problems over 2 months, starting with Sense Hub (showing “offline”) preventing me from pairing door sensors. Yet anytime the alarm triggered, I got phone calls so guess what, device is in fact online. Lost my Rules, my OG cam had an error 1002, under “services” my Cam Plus subscription was gone, Home Monitoring screen just said “error”. These all accumulate over a period of 2 months. I opened tickets for most of them however it was clear no one at support looks beyond a single issue, in a single ticket. My OG cam btw had a live feed just fine over the browser interface so it wasn’t offline either!

After months of frustration, I finally decided to clear it all, and everything is working. And yes, I got the many, many “send a screen shot”, reboot the phone, update the software/firmware) and tried to be patient but wow, tech support I am guessing was outsourced, and that company gets paid by volume, rather than RESOLUTIONS!