OFFLINE cloud at startup screen

A few days ago, after Wyze app boot up, you will see OFFline cloud on static screen.

Usually it means camera is offline, powered lost etc.
If you click it, it will goto LiVE view no problem.
So, What is OFFline means??

Same message exists in older app and. .41 latest version. It seems Wyze changed their server software.

What camera is this?

  • power-cycling the camera
  • logging out of the Wyze app and logging back in

ReFlash the firmware on the camera.

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I don’t have any single cams on my Home page, but I occasionally experience the same problem within the group level on a few of my phones when I start the Wyze app up with WiFi turned on and cellular/mobile data disabled. The only way I get it back to “normal” is to enable cellular, reboot phone, start up Wyze app, kill cellular… and even that sometimes doesn’t work and then it just clears up on its own. When it occurs, it’s usually on one phone only, i.e., I can start the app up on another phone with no problems. I reported this issue with logs a few weeks ago. It’s happening on one of my phones right now. You’ll also see that your shortcuts are missing/not loaded from the cloud at the top of the Wyze Home page:

thx All

I kind of leaning towards Wyze had changed their server coding.

I had tried to update my v2 firmware 6 months ago and V2 never complete the flash. Wyze trued to push the update from their end with no sucess neither. So I left there thinking I could brick the V2 as now the warranty period is over and am from outside of US.

I think I will live with it.


Today, This problem disappeared. Thx Wyze.

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