Connection help

on my wyze app on my iphone… it keeps telling my device is offline …(please check ur internet connection or power cycle the camera /?? need some help

Welcome to the Wyze community @JONNYCAC1!
What camera is this happening to?
Are you using mobile data or WIFI?
Is your app updated?
Power cycling(unplugging then plugging the camera back in after 10 seconds).
Forcing close and reopening the Wyze app.
Rebooting your phone.

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im using wifi
its telling me my device is offline

Have you tried the steps above?

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I have rebooted my modem and router, power cycled the camera multiple times checked that my router is putting out a 2.4 gig signal and nothing allows me to connect the cams to my wifi. Am using an orbi pro mesh router. I’m about ready to give up on wyze