No cloud or SD recording for over 24hrs

Anyone having issues with their wyze cams or pan cams not recording any motion on cloud app or SD? Do I need to wait a week for Wyze to respond, or has anyone had this issue?

I just checked a half dozen of mine (both V2 and Pan), and all are recording to the SD card and I can play that back from the App.
Additionally, there are cloud events present and I can play them back as well.

How do you have your cameras set for recording and events?

There was an outage yesterday. Try rebooting?

Thanks. I rebooted. No luck. No they won’t even connect to my app. I know their on my network cause I’ve scanned if. Just insane. Im at a loss

I have Cam Plus on both. I have the SD set to record full time. And the cloud to record all events. And to notify me of people. When I go in, there are no events to view besides stuff from this week. I rebooted and now they won’t even show up in my app (device error 90) but I can see them connected on my wifi network built specifically for them.

Welcome to the Wyze community @Ospreys!
Please try:
Forcing close of the Wyze app and reopening it.
Rebooting your phone.
Power cycling.
If all fails, try a factory reset.(try this on one camera first in case it doesn’t help)