Can not record to cloud or SD card, but live viewing and record to phone is working

I am a new user and hooked up the camera just fine and followed all instructions, however it does not record to the cloud or SD card. The card is class 10 and show folders where everything should be located. Live viewing and recording on the phone is working. Any help would be appreciated since I was hoping on getting rid of my dropcam service.

Please take a peek at this link and see if it helps resolve your issue.

I have followed those instruction and it still does not record to sd or cloud. Perhaps if I could get the cloud recording fixed first that would also fix the sd recording problem.

Cloud recording is not related to SD card recording. The two types are not interdependent on each other at all.

Are you using Android or iOS on your phone?

Android 10. Live view and record to phone is working

I am more familiar with iOS than Android but you mentioned that the folders were there I assume you are saying they don’t contain anything?

What system are you putting the SD Card into to check? Windows or Linux or Mac?

Also, is the SD card set to continuous or events-only mode? When you press playback, what happens?

The folders are empty. Using windows. Same thing happens with different card. I have tried all settings and it does not trigger any notifications. Playback says no video at the selected time.

But are you in continuous mode or events-only? If continuous, data should be there. If events-only, we may need to look at your events settings.

Tried both and nothing. Maybe a defective unit?

I don’t know that we know what is happening at this point. Let’s start from scratch.

Here are some things to check related to event recording and notifications:

  • Globally on an account basis by making sure the BELL icon on the top right of the home screen doesn’t have a line thru it (or by using the switch in Account Tab > Notifications). This affects only the owners or shared users login account on all devices they have logged in to the Wyze app.

  • Per camera by calling the individual camera up, then Settings > Event Recording > Detects motion. Also, the schedule set at the top will override this setting, as will any scheduled shortcuts (this setting must be on for Person Detection to occur.)

  • Per camera by calling the individual camera up, then Settings > Notifications > Send Notifications. This can be controlled by the camera owner AND shared user, and will affect both. Also, you need to select which events you want to be notified about. Person, motion, or sound.

  • Per camera by calling the individual camera up, then Settings > Detection Settings > Sensitivity, & Detection Zone (for Person Detection to occur, a person must enter the zone). If the zone is off, the whole frame will be evaluated for motion.

  • In the phone’s OS settings, which can enable or disable all notifications from any particular app. This applies to only that particular phone/tablet. (Note: this is not possible in some versions of Android.) iOS Example: Phone Settings > Notifications > Wyze and Phone Settings > Do Not Disturb (and its schedule).

If all else fails, power cycle the cam.

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Phone shows that notifications are allowed on app. Camera does not appear to be able to be triggered
by motion or sound

How can I exchange it for another one. I feel it is defective.

Here is a link to submit a support request. I hope you can be more specific with them. Generalities like “I checked all settings” and “camera does not appear to be able to be triggered” don’t provide enough information for someone to help:


You will need to open a support request. This forum is user to user support. We are users just like you not Wyze employees.

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If you could provide some screenshots of your settings, it would be very helpful. We would be able to asist you better if we were able to confirm each of your settings.

It is also very possible that you may have a bad microSD card and it’s not working properly.


I sensed this as well. possibly formatted wrong.

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Did you ever get this resolved? I just got my camera last week and have been having the same problem. I initially did not have an sd card and assumed that the events were not being recorded because of that, but I got an sd card today and events are still not being recorded. I’ve followed all directions in this string, settings are correct, but nothing is being recorded unless I push the button to record. It also doesn’t detect motion. I thought I got around that by putting a sensor facing my front door. So if there is motion on my front porch I get a notification and have it set to record an event. I get the notifications from the sensor fine, but nothing is ever recorded (camera is in the window to show porch/front door).

I am having this same problem…nothing is being recorded to the cloud (have had camera for a week) or the sd card (just installed today) unless I push record. All settings are done according to this string and should be working.

Unit was defective. Wyze sent a replacement under warranty. The new one works fine now.