No Alerts from All Devices

I might as well throw away my outdoor camera it does not record or send notifications since the last update!!!

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Same issue with notifications not coming to apple watch for about 2 weeks. However, I added a new pan cam last weekend and it is sending notifications to apple watch. Also, my outdoor cam sometimes does. I would really like for them all to start back.

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Did you check your other cameras to confirm that “Detects Motion” was still turned on under Event Recording?

I have numerous cams where this is being turned off automatically.

I did. I was hoping that was all it was but they were all still turned on. Also, the notifications still come to my iphone, just not to the watch. I thought about removing them all and adding them back but I really don’t want to go that route.

Strangely enough I have one V2 cam out of 4 that still send the notifications to my watch. That and my outdoor cam. The other three V2 cams haven’t sent them to my watch since they stopped working back on Jan 28th. I checked all the settings and they are the same on all my cameras. I may try and factory reset one to see if it fixes the issue. If it does I’ll go that route.

I’m also getting no notifications from any devices. The events still show in the logs & are viewable, but push notifications are absolutely broken.
Every single time you guys push an update, you seriously ratf*ck something. EVERY TIME.
It’s almost like you don’t thoroughly test the updates you push. And ffs, stop calling them “upgrades”, as they generally seem to cause problems, not solve them.

Also, bulbs in groups re-order themselves every time you leave the app. A recurring problem for the past couple of updates.
But hey, no worries, we’ll just wait yet another month for you to drop “fixes” for what you broke this time, & hope that when you fix whats borked now you don’t monkeyf*ck another few features.
I always wince when installing these “upgrades” & you can see by my post history why that is. Christ.

On a positive note, the v3 is a heck of a nice new camera. Kudos so far!
Now fix our notifications, please, ASAP.

Thanks. Sigh.

I just put on my Apple Watch for the first time since the “update” & that’s what got me on to the friggin’ notifications being broken. I checked my outdoor cam logs & noticed that all events were in order but I hadn’t been notified on my iPhone or watch.
I remembered there had been an update & of course that’s when notifications crapped out. Because that’s when things go wrong with Wyze gear-when they try to “upgrade” it. So now my outdoor cam is utterly worthless until they push a fix. Which I’m sure they’ll eventually do, in absolutely no hurry at all, but in the meantime we’re all screwed.
Because Wyze breaks important device features EVERY SINGLE TIME they do an update.

So, is this issue being addressed? @WyzeGwendolyn

Are you using IFTTT by chance?

I have used it, and it alerts me much, much faster to motion detection than the camera itself through the Wyze program.

No, I’m not using IFTTT. And notifications are still broken across the board in iOS. No amount of restarts or resets does a thing.
It’s some backend error on Wyze’s part, just like every time they push a borked update. Which is so frequently that this company is the laughingstock of Reddit. They’re too busy readying the launch of their smart bowling ball or whatever, to keep their core hardware unfcked.
I want to like Wyze, I own tons of their hardware, but their almost constant breaking of their firmware is getting to a point where I’m going to trash all their hardware & look elsewhere. I mean, not getting camera notifications is kind of a big friggin’ deal-one that most companies would address with a fix pushed ASAP. And they want us to PAY for “services”?!? LOL not likely until they get their sh
t straight & stop pushing CRITICAL fixes that take up to a month. Absolutely ridiculous.

I can’t agree with you more @crimez ever since the borked update on 1/27 that smoked all notifications Wyze hasn’t done jack **** to fix the issue. I get notifications to my iPhone but not to my watch. However my notifications are delayed significantly. All my notifications that show in the video are of people walking away from the area they were in. Plus there is a good 15-20 sec delay of getting the notifications. I’m about to drop Wyze as well and get something more expensive but has a much higher approval rating from its users. They need to stop putting out new products until they get their sh** together to fix their app.

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This is normal, for Wyze. They REGULARLY break critical features during updates, then expect users to waste time troubleshooting the problems they created. And I’ve been repeatedly told that “they only push updates roughly once a month”, which I read as “We may have broken it but you’ll have to live with it until we get around to fixing it.”
(This is probably because their dev team is in India, & they only work x days/month or something equally face > desk worthy)
Do you think NEST devs would let an issue with borked notifications just sit around while people get more & more p’d off? NO. They’d push an update to fix it ASAP. Here you get either crickets or very vague responses that don’t take responsibility for whatever issue we’re complaining about. I’ve tagged employee @WyzeGwendolyn several times in this thread, and crickets.
I realize I come across as an a-hole, (“You only post here when there’s a problem!”) but that’s because for the life of me I can’t figure out how they run this company so bass-ackwards in regards to continuously breaking their own firmware & then blithely fixing it when they get around to it. When they sell this hardware under the guise that “you can count on it”. LOL no you can’t count on this hardware to work. Their basically horrible track record speaks for itself.
They want to SELL us “security services” but they can’t even fix their crap in a timely manner when something as important(!!) as Notifications, breaks.
Pffft. I have a right to be irked, as I bought into their sales pitch of being able to count on the hardware I spent good money on, & it’s mostly :poop:.

I think another hint as to what to expect is when you get no instruction manual at all about the features in the app… its trial and error and just when you think all is well… bam… another update and something else is now screwed up. As a comparison, I have set up my Nest Camera ONCE… ever. I’ve had that camera for over two years.

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My deal is, I get time-sensitive deliveries working from home, and I (foolishly lol) count on an Outdoor Cam to provide notifications so I don’t miss deliveries I have to sign for.
As of 1/27’s debacle of an “upgrade” (again, lol) I no longer have those notifications, making that camera worthless to me.
(You could argue that I should “just put a live view of the camera up on a device”. But that will drain an Outdoor Cam’s batteries in no time.)
And also, something as important as Notifications on a “security” (lol) camera are something they should push a fix for in a day.
Heck, it’d be nice if they’d even admit there’s specific issues & actually update customers rather than me having to come over here & waste my time posting. Annoying AF.
And ffs, “bulbs in groups re-ordering themselves every time you close the app” is still an ongoing problem they’ve broke/fixed & now broke again. yawn

At this point if Wyze went public, I’d probably short out of spite.

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Still broken, & the issue remains unaddressed by Wyze. Great job, Customer Service, as usual!!

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All notification are working just had to uninstall and reinstall the app

Even on apple watch?