No Alerts from All Devices

This is not one person having problems, read the forum! Notifications are not working for many people. Person detection (pilot) is not working for many people. Wyze has a problem that started on Friday!


Apple. App version 2.17.21


Having same issue. Started sometime yesterday.

Same issue for my three v2 cams. No notifications at all, and when I look in the app, it shows motion but person detection is not working. Started yesterday.

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Yep! To help narrow it down and find a cause, need more information from those that are experiencing the problem. It has been pushed up the ladder that an increasing number of folks are having issues, but needed info such as platform, app version and firmware version and any changes the user recently did if any will help find the cause.

The forum is mainly a user community, and the main contact for official support should be the Wyze Support group. I’d anyone does contact Support, posting their ticket number in here so it can be included in with the info that the Mavens/Mods send up will help greatly.

I’m also have this issue but on iOS from an iPhone.

I’ve played with all my settings and I’ve noticed that when I turn on sound monitoring I will get notifications.

I’ve noticed that when I turn both sound and motion section on, then turn them off under the notification section there is a ! That says “You will not receive these notifications until you enable event recording”. I click on the link to get to event recording and enable both. I get sound notifications but still no motion notifications.
Also to note is that keeps these notifications on permanently and once you turn them off you go back in to enabling recording. There is a backend issue with the app not working.

I’m also having this problem (sort of). It has something to do with the new sound detection. There’s currently a firmware update waiting but I don’t want them to get any worse therefore I decided to check out the forums. Mine will send me a notification for one but for sound only, no motion and person detection (at least the phrase/saying) is now gone. Says AI activity. So I am getting some notifications but only sound which I have turned off (in one section) but HAD TO TURN ON as it said that was why I wasn’t getting notifications.
My motion sensor just started to work again since December 2020 so I’m scared to do any updates as it always results in bad things. I can’t he,p but wonder if maybe the new firmware update will fix it? I just don’t want to be the Wyze Guiana pig. :joy:

So no notifications except for this new sound thing, no motion is being detected or sending out notifications unless it hears noise/sound.

Fingers crossed that they find a solution quickly.

Both iOS and android. I use multi platforms.
Last firmware was a week ago or less
Newest app (cool new features)
I should be grandfathered for PD
V2s and 1 Pan Cam

Off topic-love that you can see what you’re typing in forum now! I hated the old way where I couldn’t see what I was typing. Thank you! :pray:

Edited to add more information.

Same here I think it’s a app system problem, I factory reset a camera, Sam thing

Do you have a firmware update waiting for you to install? I just did one last week and it’s saying there’s a new one. Every time I do them they immediately cause problems, same with updating app.
Just wondering if maybe the fix is waiting for me in this firmware update but too chicken :poop: to install it just in case it makes things worse. :joy:

It’s not firmware update related at all, nor do I think sound is relevant. Something changed in the Wyze services back end. (Unless they are simply deeming all older firmware out of support based on their new changes.). I think my announcements are back. It’s weird that the person filter works but the person tags/labels no longer appear.

It definitely has to do with sound for me as it told me so, even helped me change the settings and said that I would now get notifications. It made zero sense as I have never used sound before, always turned it off but when I went to investigate why I wasn’t receiving notifications I found this section and now I am getting notifications but only for sound, better than nothing I guess.
I have a firmware update waiting but I’m used to them always making things worse so I’d like to wait until I hear it’s a good firmware update before installing it.
But this sound thing is new and person detection has been removed (in words/saying, at least). I say this because I’m still getting Echo Show notifications and that only works with person Detection so it must know somehow to set off that routine. Fingers crossed that things go back to normal soon.

Some problems ever since the last update

Agreed! Sometimes, the Alexa alerts work just fine… other times, there are no announcements about motion at all for all three of my V.3 cams. I have done absolutely nothing but update the firmware.

Throwing my hat in the ring for this too. Its been going on for about 10 days now (could be since an update, tbh I can’t remember). Sporadic notifications to nothing, all of sudden my person detection stopped working and started alerting as motion only. Today, events are sporadic too. Also if this is a “known” issue can someone tell support? They have been basically useless and will not acknowledge its a known issue.

Gwendolyn works for Wyze:

Still nothing from my outdoor camera

I am now getting notifications again thank you. However they are not pushing through to my Apple Watch like they did. They only show on my iPhone. I’ve gone over all settings on my iPhone and the settings are set up so that they should appear on my watch, yet they don’t. Any fix coming for this? As this is not an iPhone notification issue but a back end push notifications issue on the app.

I am having the same issue. It’s been like this for a month.

I am still not receiving AI notifications ony 4 outdoor cameras. I have cam plus on all 4 but only being tagged as motion. I NEED my AI notifications to work. This is the purpose of me paying for it. They have not been working for over a week now. Please fix ASAP!

Is there at all a chance you could stop pumping out products and have someone fix your existing ones at all?