Dont update base station

So I just updated my base station, and none of my outdoor cameras have internet now. No surprise here. This wyze stuff is really getting me pissed off, eveytime there is an update something gets messed up. I was really high on wyze and gave it so many opportunities but this was the last straw. It’s just one thing after another now. So don’t update your base station because it sucks.

This happened to me today for the first time since buying my outdoor cams, Had to go out in the snow and power cycle the cameras manually to get them back.

What a bummer that yours didn’t go smoothly. Frustrating. I noticed that after this update, my ODC took longer to come back online than usual, but it did come back.

Mine came back online but it took 12 hours. What is the best alternative to Wyze Cameras? I think I’m done waiting for the fix on these seemingly ongoing and unfixable issues.

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I wasn’t real happy with the ODC. Mostly because of the 12 second limit on recordings. But also because they didn’t catch movement quickly enough. I bought a couple of the V3 cameras and really like them much much better. Gonna buy more as soon as they restock

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I updated my 2 ODCs base about an hour ago, I’m 50 miles from home and I just checked, they are fine.

Ya. I got screwed on this update too.
I use these for monitoring problem areas at work.
I honestly don’t have time for this [MOD EDIT].
FFS wyze. Get your crap together before pushing updates that just screw everything up

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I feel some of the frustration around the various updates as the non-beta firmware pushes have been really hit or miss for a while and they should be far more stable as production releases.

However, I noted you have the beta badge but this post isn’t in the beta forum. So specifically in regards to the WCO(/“ODC”) if you are using the beta Wyze app, I highly recommend applying the latest base station and WCO firmware. After a few versions with issues with person detection and battery drain, the most current versions (WCO and Base actually seem like a notable improvement. No more “0KB” drop offs when viewing cams, no battery drain, etc. Unfortunately can’t predict if the next beta firmware release may muck something up (of course that’s what the beta process is for) so you may want to try these versions while they are available.

Just note, as I made this mistake myself and others have admitted the same, make sure that you are actually applying the beta firmware to the devices, not just assuming the beta app presents beta firmware versions. You have to go to About > Beta Program (at the bottom) > and select which devices you want the beta app to pull beta firmware down for. (It’s all or nothing per model.)

Another crap update that broke everything.
Business as usual here…