Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station Firmware Beta Test 9/24/2021

**** This is a gradual release and all testers will have access next week. ****


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Base Station to show a flashing blue light

Thanks! I can’t say I have seen this issue but then again haven’t paid much attention to it and battery life has been as good as ever on mine with

I’ll probably update my home install and see how it goes.

Home went fine…

I’ll wait for a couple others to chime in and after a few days hit the cabin base station with update.

Not the place to ask …but any chance WCO base will support more than 4 cameras in the future. I’d even be willing to accept lower resolution if necessary?


Updated 2 base stations from to, one connected via Ethernet the other via WiFi. Both updated fine and have been recording AI and non-AI events.

Update: Not sure if this is worthwhile as I never encountered the “Base Station flashing blue light” issue before this release, but both WCO systems performing flawlessly in high-traffic locations over the past 24 hours.


I’d hold off. I couldn’t resist and update my remote bass station. It’s in a similar situation from a few releases back. The base station is online but reports not the base station and WCO are offline.

I can manually access the WCO from the base station device list.

I have had the flashing blue light issue. I’ve tried several times to update the firmware and it has failed. I did a hard restart before one of the attempts.

Could you please submit an app log to me if your issue hasn’t been resolved? Please let me know the log ID afterward. Thank you

Sorry about your issue! This beta firmware is to resolve the flashing blue light issue. But if your base station is flashing blue light right now, please do a manual firmware flash and then update the firmware to the beta firmware. The issue will resolve.

I finally got the update to work. I hard booted the base again and also hard booted my phone with the Wyze app. It worked! Thanks for following up!

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