Nighttime Sounds off the back porch

Just a short clip of what was going on outside tonight.

Sorry about the messy foreground. I’ve been emptying potato buckets and brought stuff up so the lawn guys could mow easier.

Please fix if you need to. Thanks!

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What is that? A Frog? Cricket?

I’m loving the light flair at the top that kind of looks like an aurora in purples and oranges.


You have so much open land with trees and bushes! I bet you get a bunch of animals visiting.

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I think those are toads, not frogs.
The (really old) house I rent is on an acre. There’s farm land beyond that tree in the background, and woods that go up the hill and then homes beyond that. I’ve thought about setting a cam up back there to see if I could catch deer and coyotes.
That wooden pole to the left of the bird bath is the flood light. It’s not really that light out there, it’s the cam that’s making it seem that way. I really like it here, but it’s a bit much for me to take care of myself.
You can’t see it from here but my chickens are to the right along the bushes.