Night lights motion sensing

So…early adopter…yet again. I should stop this. Its getting worse.

Anyway, I put these in the bathroom on Auto. I expected them to only come on when they sense movement. Like when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
I didn’t want them to stay on all the time. Well, the 1st one stays on all the time, until the battery dies, which isn’t long.
The 2nd one worked as expected. It would come one in a dark bathroom, for about 15 seconds, then go out until it sensed motion. Exactly what I wanted. Until I recharged it.
Now it does its paring thing, then goes out. Wave your hand over it, and it comes on, and stays on, just like the other one.
Wyse is extremely vague about how these are supposed to work. How long is the motion light suppose to stay on? What is dusk to dawn? How do I disable it? If I wanted it on all the time at night I would just use a $2 night light.

I hope I get an answer, as the “30day” return policy might explain a lot.