Time lapse motion sensor

Do motion sensors have a lag time factor incorporated into them. Where when they shut off lights they won’t turn them back on for approximately a minute to minute and a half or do I have a bad motion sensor?

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yes, well kind of. the trigger is the beginning of motion.

so say you have the sensor detect motion and that sensor triggers lights. it wont send another turn on the light signal until it has cleared for a full minute of detecting motion.

so the sensor has to clear ( which take one minute) before it does a detection to send a trigger again. there is no keep the lights on trigger type signal even though the sensor will track and tell you how long it detected motion.

hope that is a semi clear explanation. :thinking:


Mine are flaky with light rules. I say flaky because it doesn’t seem the same all the time.
I’ve been playing around with times to come up with a magic number where a light won’t turn off as long as there is motion and if it does, will immediately turn them back on without any delays.
My current rules are:

  1. Motion - turn on lights
  2. When motion is clear for 1:36 (one minute 36 seconds) turn the lights off.

This works /most/ of the time, but sometimes when the lights turn off, they won’t trigger again without waiting a bit, like a minute, but not consistently. Occasionally they turn off even with motion in the room.

I thought it was a faulty motion sensor so I switched it and it’s still inconsistent, then I thought it was a conflict because I had a second motion sensor outside the door with the same rules, but I disabled that one. That seemed to improve it and I thought that was the issue, but it’s still fails at times.

Edited to add, my next step might be to try 2 minutes for turn off so I get 2 full cycles of rest on the sensor

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Yep my question I guess was more about when it goes off if I’m in the room but I’m not moving and I go to turn the lights back on and move in front of the motion sensor it won’t turn the lights back on I have to wait a minute and then it will turn it back on. and he answered that reasoning. Doesn’t really make any sense to me. you would think that if it’s a motion sensor it should be ready to just sense a motion at any time or at least shorter than a minute.