Is there an cooldown period for Wyze Sense motion sensors?

Like the title says, I can’t seem to find if there’s an official cooldown time for the motion sensors, and if so how long. Some other companies have something like 2 minutes or 4 minutes to save sensor battery life by not triggering every few seconds while a room is occupied.

The reason I ask is because in a room where I have a motion sensor controlling some lights, the lights will sometimes turn back off after a minute or so and the sensor will not trigger again regardless of movement, even waving a hand in front of it. However, if I wait a few minutes and re-enter the room, it triggers fine and the lights come back on.

If I know the cooldown time I could create a second rule to turn the lights off after a period of time just more than the cooldown. That way the lights don’t stay on any longer than needed, but also won’t turn off as long as there’s movement

Not really a " cool down", but it takes the sensor about 45 seconds to clear it’s detected motion. Then it can detect again right away.

Thanks, maybe there’s something with that particular sensor then. It seems on that one it’s more than 45 seconds, like maybe closer to 2 minutes. I’ll try to test it out with a timer and maybe swap it with one of my other motion sensors.