Is there a way to control how long the motion detector stays triggerred?

Is there a way to control how long the motion detector says triggered?

What are you trying to accomplish?

The Wyze Sense motion detector will stay active as long as there is motion plus about a 45 second cool down time. Or are you talking about the cameras “motion detection”?

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It seems that I have one that stays on longer but maybe it is because of varying ambient light light conditions rather than motion. I will continue to experiment.

So are you using the Sense motion detectors or the camera motion detections? They operate differently.

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Not the camera, just the motion detectors. You are correct in that they clear about 45 sec after motion goes away. I can deal with them now. thanks


I think I’ve grown to actually appreciate the motion sensor more than the sense itself. The sense in my opinion is hard to mount on the door frame to trigger lights because the door and the trim don’t always match up quite right. But when I put in a motion sensor I’ve had zero issues. So I think I’m going to go with more motion sensors then senses and I wish they would package motion sensors in a four pack like they do that sense.