Wyze Sense PIR, rules, and continuous movement

I’m having issues with a rule tied to the Wyze Sense PIR motion sensor I should be able to solve, but I must be missing something.

I have a rule set to turn on a Wyze bulb when the PIR detects motion and a second rule to turn the bulb off when motion has been clear for 1 minute.
That works fine (as long as the sense system as a whole isn’t down).

The problem I’m having though is that the bulb usually turns off after the 1 minute clear time, even if there is continuous motion in the room. It’s a small room and even if move side to side and wave my arms right after the one minute timeout it won’t come back on and the red light on the sensor doesn’t show motion either during that time. But if I leave the room and come back a couple minutes later, it always triggers just fine.

My understanding is that there isn’t any cool down time for the motion sensor and it should detect continuous motion, but it seems to be acting exactly like there’s a couple minute cool down after a trigger.
Any suggestions?

I was pretty sure that there was a 1 minute cooldown between events. So I tried your set up and, sure enough, that’s the case for mine. If I wave my arms around, no new tigger happens.

And that’s because…

If you have the wyze app open, until you see the motion clear, the cooldown doesn’t start. So, if there’s motion after the initial trigger, it just keeps “resetting” the cooldown until it becomes clear.

So you might change the rule such that it shuts off after the sensor becomes clear? Because that occurs one minute after no more motion is sensed. I was able to keep my lamp on for three minutes just waving my are during the 1 minute cooldown.

I just changed the turn off rule to 1:35 to see if that makes a difference. The problem I was having was that even when there was 3 people moving around in the small little room right in front of the motion sensor, the lights would turn off around the 1 minute mark and wouldn’t come back on until we left the room to allow it to clear for another minute or two and then re-enter the room. I’m gonna do some testing now with the new time set

I think it may be a glitchy motion sensor. I’ve been testing going in and out of the room, walking back and forth, etc, and it’s very inconsistent. It seemed to stay on most of the time while I was continuing to provide motion which is better than before, but not always, and the turn off is inconsistent as well.

I have the rule set to - When motion becomes clear for 1:36 turn off the light. But when I stepped in the room just far enough to trigger the light on and immediately stepped out with a timer, it took 2:20 before the light turned off.

Another test - I stood still in the room until the light turned off and then moved, but the lights didn’t come back on and no red light on the sensor even though I was 8 foot away. But when I left the room and came back a couple minutes later it triggered right away.

I just happen have another motion sensor and a bunch of contact sensors being delivered on Thursday, so I’ll try the new one to see if there’s a difference.

I think I found the problem, but don’t have a good fix. the lights are actually in a heated enclosed porch type room which also has the door we use to come and go from the house. I have the motion sensor in the room. I have a second motion sensor outside so the lights will come on as we walk up the steps to come in the house. I think the problem with the inside motion sensor not turning the lights on after they go off sometimes is the two motion sensors with basically the same rules set up may be causing a conflict with each other. I noticed the problem with the inside motion detector occurred when the outside motion detector was triggered, even if we were in the room and moving around in front of the inside motion detector… Disabling the rules for the outside motion detector seemed to solve the problem with the inside one.
So the problem is fixed, sort of, but I just can’t currently use the outside detector along with the inside one.

I seem to be having this exact problem. I have a lot of rules that are similar or the same for different sensors. Did you ever find a solution to using multiple sensors together with the same rules?