Sense Motion Timeout/Cooldown

I’ve been searching but haven’t been able to find an answer and am very curious before purchasing.

For the motion sensors, what is the cool down time between motion being noticed again. Most motion sensors that are battery powered after motion is triggered they are considered “on” for a period of 30-90 second before it checks for motion again. While others are considered “on” for 60 seconds from the last motion, but motion is checked every 15 seconds.

Does anyone the length of time Wyze Motion detectors are considered “on” or motion detected, and how often it checks?

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I don’t have any insight into the internal design of the Sense motion sensor, but based on my observations I would say the sensor checks for motion continuously. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a cool down.

If there is continuous IR motion, then the sensor will never clear, and always report motion is in progress. So motion in progress can last minutes or more, and consists of a single transmission: That motion has begun.

Once IR motion stops, there is a 45-60 second cool down before the sensor sends a second transmission saying motion has stopped (the ‘sensor clear’ signal).

Once the sensor is clear, it can immediately sense and report new motion, there is no delay.

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